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Fitcoin is a new and exciting way to gamify your workouts. Imagine earning rewards by competing with other athletes from around the world for real-world tangible prizes, discounts, or even personal training sessions. Fitcoin is a move-to-earn project that tokenizes players calorie burn in an immersive proof-of-workout RPG (role playing game) Web3 education through fitness and familiar tech. Simply put: Fitcoin is a revolutionary fitness application that pays you in cryptocurrency to burn calories. To compete, a user simply requires a simple fitness tracker such as an AppleWatch, Fitbit, Garmin, or Polar device. Complete the daily, weekly and monthly challenges and the top athletes will receive incredible rewards and performance enhancing NFTs.

Merging Blockchain with Wearable Trackers

The Fitcoin team was in a difficult position. For over a year, they were working tirelessly on an app that would go head-to-head with some of the largest players in the fitness space. Additionally, they had a concept of earning points simply for working out. Then out of nowhere, Apple changed their terms on how users interacted with digital currency such as cryptocurrency and NFTs. The project was essentially dead in the water. We were introduced and brought in to initially take a look at what could be done to salvage the project, but quickly we both realized there was much more we could do together. We got started with rethinking the whole project and how we could reach athletes more efficiently and also keep them using the app for longer periods. After a full brand refresh and rebuild of the app, its functionality, and overall strategy, we were able to introduce Fitcoin to more people than initially expected. This was also executed in record time as we devised a system of designing and developing simultaneously which aggressive feedback loops so that all teams were in sync at all times. The result is a community of athletes in the thousands becoming healthier and earning rewards along the way.

Chris' standout quality was his ownership mindset. He didn't feel a hired vendor; he took pride in the project and made it his own. The impeccable design added to his impressive dedication and was simply icing on the cake. His collaborative approach and expertise made him invaluable partners to Fitcoin.

Alex Tima

CEO, Founder, Fitcoin

By The Numbers

Bringing people into the web3 space is no easy feat. Fitcoin has been able to take the simple act of working out and training and combine it with the benefits of web3. Furthermore, they were able to execute this project in a passive adoption sense where athletes did not feel they needed to become crypto-experts in any way.

10K+ Athletes

With the launch of the website an companion app, Fitcoin jumped with users, quickly surpassing 10,000 on-platform athletes.

Rapid Production

Due to the quick turnaround required, we were able to complete all of the brand, web, app, and product design within 6 months.

Unique NFT Collection

While our partnership grew with the Fitcoin team, we were trusted to design and create a set of 10,000+ unique NFTs for the project.


With over 300 supported devices to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find a wearable device that works with Fitcoin.

Trusted Marketplaces

Fitcoin is built on the Ethereum Network and supported on OpenSea, Rarible, NiftyGateway, SuperRare, and BLUR marketplaces.


The number of calories burned daily that are required to enter the leaderboard and qualify for NFT distribution. And believe it or not, something thousands of athletes are achieving daily.


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