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The Charged Particles team was putting the final touches on a multi-year endeavor to bring DeFi NFTs to market on the Ethereum Blockchain. With such a forward-thinking concept that challenges the financial status quo by assigning value to a scarce NFT (e.g. art, collectibles, virtual real estate, in-game items, etc), it was necessary to have a brand and aesthetic that represented such an innovative platform. For this purpose, we conceived a polished visual guideline, a full-featured website, and seamless integration with the web-based application for the extensive crypto community.

NFTs With an Artist-First Community

With NFTs on everyone’s radar, it would be fair to assume that Charged Particles are jumping onto the bandwagon of an already fast-moving train. However, this project has been in development since 2019 and spans multiple countries and teams of developers. By creating a system designed with artists and the community first, Charged Particles are evolving the complexity, but also the unity of the crypto marketplace. We harnessed that community-driven passion and built a site to focus directly on the people involved as much as the design and user experience. Understanding the design aesthetic of a modern crypto-based site was exciting for our designers, as it allowed us to merge our existing design styles with a mixture of high-technology design and retro accents. The result is a strong and defined brand that communicates directly to the engaged audience that this is a welcoming community, despite the technically complex learning curve of interest-bearing NFTs and the crypto-currency industry.

"I met Chris at a local crypto meetup here in LA, and we got along right away. When it came time to search for designers for our IDO and NFT launch, I knew he would be able to handle it. Chris built us a fantastic website that created the aesthetic and feel that we were going for perfectly."

Ben Lakoff

Co-Founder, Charged Particles

By The Numbers

With the volatility of a cryptocurrency-based industry, market fluctuations can cause swings in the overall performance of a product. Charged Particles have broken that mold and are rising above the competition with their personal and dedicated approach to the NFT scene.

$300K USD

Featured artists have processed an unprecedented >$300K USD within the first month of the platform launching.

10K and Growing

Attendance for metaverse live events, organized and executed by Charged Particles, has seen >10K individuals in attendance.


168 “Protons” or NFTs Minted on Charged Particles and 73 have been sold, with ~$215,000 in Sales for Artists on the platform in the first two weeks.

Interest Growth

>$15,000 has been “Energized” and deposited inside of NFTs, generating $1,000’s in interest for the NFT holders, adding increased value to their initial investment.

High Roller

To date (04/17/21), the highest “Energized” NFT has >$15K of USDC attached, earning 15% compounded interest.


Charged Particles have directly partnered with dozens of artists to exclusively launch their pieces within the Charged Particles platform.

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